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  • 廣告 ID : 5481

  • 廣告發布日期 : 二月 8, 2020

  • 價格 : S$38K

  • 國家 : 新加坡

  • 地區 : All

  • 點擊率 : 254


Facial shop @ Clark quay for takeover near MRT

services = skin lift , hydra infusion , skin boosters ( korean aqua )
4th gen rf skin lift (body)
hydra infusion
microneedling boosters
diamond peel
embrow + Eyeliner ( machine )
eyelash extensions

Have good reviews online

no special license needed

have customer packages

3 rooms , with water points
potential growth
next to mrt

operations – 11am to 8.30pm
crowd – friday , saturday , sunday
signboard buyer cannot use , owner’s signboard
cannot takeover working staffs , but owner teach how to hire staffs
staffs must speak mandarin etc
staffs salary about $1,600
1 staff possible handle 3 customers
mall is open to staffs hand out flyers – subjected to approval
this is a private limited company
lease till october – 3 months deposit
business can self operate by staff
staffs are not aware owner is selling
takeover includes takeover inventory
sales revenue about $10,000 to $15,000 a month
takeover customer base too
rental about $2,800 and gst
$300+ advertisement fees charged by landlord monthly
takeover fees about $45,000
possible try apply cat 1 or cat 2
urgent sales
3 years in same location for business , the previous owner
customers are – jap , foreigner , sg , etc
customers are about 25-45 years old
customers are repeated
packages are $300 etc
have $4,000 negative in package remaining
reason let go – business is profitable but owner has other commitments , will not sell but have no choice
about 300 square feet
net profits – about $10,000 to $15,00 to $20,000
takeover the social media – have about 4,600 followers
have coupons
have customer royal programs , referral programs
in this business competition is rare
pos system included
profitable biz
renovation cost about $30,000 plus plus
owner will give supplier list
location 3 years doing facial
shopping mall is 10 years old plus
$18,000 turn over estimated
takeover includes furnitures , beds etc
can expand the business
have products such as – histomer , alluva , activalyer ( eyes )
services and products are special , not all competitors have
owner can give training 3 weeks random
no demerit points

服务=提肤,补液,皮肤增强剂(韩国水) 第四代RF皮肤提升(身体) 输液 微针助推器 钻石皮 眉+眼线笔(机器) 睫毛延伸 在线获得好评 无需特殊许可证 有客户套餐 3个房间,有水位 潜在增长 地铁旁边 运营-上午11点至晚上8.30点 周五-周六,周日 招牌买家不能使用,业主的招牌 不能接管工作人员,但所有者教如何雇用人员 工作人员必须讲曼陀罗等 员工薪水约1,600美元 1名员工可能处理3位客户 购物中心向员工开放分发传单-需经批准 这是一家私人有限公司 租约直到10月-3个月的押金 企业可以由员工自行经营 工作人员不知道所有者正在出售 收购包括收购库存 每月约有10,000至15,000美元的销售收入 也接管客户群 租金约$ 2,800 房东每月收取$ 300 +广告费 接管费约45,000美元 可能尝试应用猫1或猫2 紧急销售 在同一地点经营3年,以前的拥有者 客户是-jap,forgner,sg等 客户大约25-45岁 回头客 套餐是$ 300等 剩余$ 4,000的包裹中 放手生意的理由是生意有利可图但所有者有其他承诺,不会出售但别无选择 约300平方英尺 净利润-约$ 10,000至$ 15,00至$ 20,000 接管社交媒体-拥有约4,600位关注者 有优惠券 有客户皇家计划,推荐计划 在这种商业竞争中是罕见的 包含pos系统 有利可图的业务 装修费用约$ 30,000加 所有者将提供供应商清单 位置3年做面部 购物中心有10岁以上 估计营业额$ 18,000 收购包括家具,床等 可以扩大业务 有-组蛋白,尿囊,活动剂(眼睛)等产品 服务和产品很特别,并非所有竞争对手都有 店主可以随机进行3周培训 没有分数

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