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  • 广告 ID: 3922

  • 广告发布日期:: 三月 17, 2019

  • 价格: S$1.2m

  • 国家: 新加坡

  • 地区: D01 - Raffles Place - Marina - Cecil


The company has been running for 8 years on providing IT solutions to Government and Private sectors with great profits. The Internet of Things (IoT) growth trend is rising.

The company is raising the capital around 1,200,000 SGD traded with equity.

The company are now focusing IoT solutions (e.g. smart meters / smart trackers) to large organizations.

The best part: Strong relationship with many Government units as successfully deployed many great IT solutions

Current Status: Sales of 2018 will reach around 18.0 Million SGD & Preparing for the new business line “IoT” with same targets (Government and big firms).

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