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  • 廣告 ID : 6481

  • 廣告發布日期 : 八月 8, 2020

  • 價格 : Request for info

  • 國家 : 新加坡

  • 地區 : Not Applicable

  • 點擊率 : 1872

  • Established since:: July 2019

  • 年收入: Request for info

  • 年度毛利: Request for info

  • Inventory value: Less than 5k remaining due to recent bundle sales

  • 員工人數: 1

  • 出售業務的原因: Looking for potential investor for our company as we have lack of fund to import big quantity of products into Singapore and market them in our e-commerce store. And due to close similarity of products in our inventory, we have difficulties to have a higher profit of each item we sold. We wish to bring in more different products to attract our customers and bring in more new customers to us.


Hi, I’m looking for distributor or investor to fund my company so my company could expand and import more products to market for the consumers in Singapore. My company has been established since September 2019 and has been a popular E-Commerce Store with 600+ followers and 101 positive reviews. As my company is just a small company with limited funds to source our products, we hope that an investor can come in and help us to achieve our dream grow our company into a private limited company with our own workers handling our daily sales and marketings. Interested investor can drop me a text on my company whatsapp +6588577069. My company is legally registered company as sole-proprietorship, and has since changed name from Kreative Electronics to SG Kreative, as we’re selling more than just electronics gadgets now. We also market limited apparels and beauty and healthcare products. Drop me a text for more info. Thank you!

Company Carousell Website:
Company Facebook Website:
Company Contact: +6588577069
Company E-mail:


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