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  • 廣告 ID : 4266

  • 廣告發布日期 : 五月 4, 2019

  • 價格 : RM1M

  • 國家 : 馬來西亞

  • 地區 : Not Applicable

  • 點擊率 : 221

  • Established since: 2002

  • Annual Revenue: RM 80000000

  • Annual Gross Profit: RM 2000000


One of our associated companies is selling minority shares to expand its profitable businesses for public listing within several years.

We’re a private equity investment holdings company with subsidiaries invested into several businesses and assets over a decade, i.e. general tradings, restaurants, housing & high-rise developments, tenanted properties and land banking.

The company was set up in 2002, with a total Paid-up Capital of RM 30 Million & Gross Development Value (GDV) not less than RM 500 Million as at 2017.

The private equity firm were made up of a group of long term angel investors, providing working capital to nurture expansion of general trading businesses with annual turnover of over RM 80 Million and further acquisitions of landed properties in prime area locally.

As at 2017, the company had a approximate Net Asset Value (NAV) of RM 50 Million.

Please contact us for more details.


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