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  • 廣告 ID : 5496

  • 廣告發布日期 : 二月 9, 2020

  • 價格 : S$200K

  • 國家 : 新加坡

  • 地區 : All

  • 點擊率 : 216


PUB / BAR – Liquor license & CAT 1 Takeover @ NEAR JURONG EAST MRT

Takeover fees $200,000
owner spent about $170,000 on start up
about 700 square feet
cat 1 only estimated for 8 shops in the building only
no new of apply cat 1 only can takeover
can use the existing owner signboard
private limited company
frontage straight jurong east mrt
rental $7,500 plus gst and some management fees – rental cheaper about $1,000 than competition
deposit 2 months
can auto operate
staffs can takeover or owner can teach how to hire new staffs
staffs salary about $12 to $35 per hour
revenue per month estimated $30,000 to $40,000
daily $1,000 plus cash flow
weekends about $2,000 cash flow
strong customer base
customers age about 20 to 40 – office crowds
high end selling – gorden blue , martells , beer
finger food – nuggets , chicken wings and more
can pass social media
takeover any time
license 6am to 1am
best crowd time – monday to friday 8pm to 9pm
owner let go due to partnership issues
ample parkings
have a negative package of $20,000 to $30,000
near genting hotel , next to bus / mrt
takeover with pos system
inventory can takeover
this shop 1 year plus in business
owner is 10 years plus in this line
takeover in cludes furnitures too
10 tables plus
70 customers plus can stay
water point
owner will pass supplier contacts
competition about 8 in the building but dun have good frontage
dermit points about minus 3 – But can apply new license
no outstanding debts
operational hours – 8am to 1am sunday – 4pm to 1am monday to friday – 5pm to 1am saturday
have smoking point 5 meters outside

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PUB / BAR-白酒东地铁附近的酒牌和CAT 1接管 接管费$ 200,000 业主在启动上花费了约170,000美元 约700平方英尺 仅在建筑物中的8家商店中估计有1类猫 申请猫1的任何新事物只能接管 可以使用现有的所有者招牌 私人有限公司 临街直的裕廊东地铁 租金$ 7,500加上消费税和一些管理费-租金比竞争对手便宜约$ 1,000 存款2个月 可以自动操作 员工可以接管或所有者可以教如何雇用新员工 员工时薪约$ 12至$ 35 每月收入估计为30,000至40,000美元 每天$ 1,000,加上现金流量 周末大约有$ 2,000的现金流 强大的客户群 客户年龄在20至40岁之间-办公室人群 高端销售-戈登蓝,马爹利,啤酒 手指食品-块金,鸡翅等 斯法 可以通过社交媒体 随时接管 早上6点到凌晨1点 最佳人群时间-星期一至星期五晚上8点至晚上9点 业主因合伙关系问题而放手 充足的停车位 负数介于$ 20,000至$ 30,000之间 靠近云顶酒店,靠近巴士/地铁站 POS系统接管 库存可以接管 这家商店1年以上营业 拥有者是10年以上 收购也包括家具 10桌加 最多可以容纳70位顾客 水位 所有者将通过供应商联系 比赛在建筑物中大约有8个,但都没有很好的正面 降低约3的分数-但可以申请新许可证 无未偿债务 营业时间-星期日上午8点至凌晨1点-星期一至星期五下午4点至凌晨1点-星期六下午5点至凌晨1点 在5米外有吸烟点

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