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  • Ad ID: 2221

  • Ads Post Date: November 1, 2018

  • Sale Price: $1.1m

  • Location: Singapore

  • District: Singapore

  • Views: 180

  • No. of Stores : Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan

  • Sales & Marketing Support: Yes

  • Operations Manual & S.O.P: Yes


Since 1965, 50 years of pork cutlet restaurant. Maisen is well known its soft texture and rich flavorful taste among Japanese.

Now Maisen operates 12 restaurants and 62 take away shops in Japan and 17 restaurants in 3 countries, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan. Year 2017, Maisen’s annual sales hits more than one hundred million US dollars.

Three Strength of Maisen

1.Only Maisen, Soft texture, rich taste

  • Maisen is well known among Japanese as “soft and rich taste” pork cutlet brand.
  • Maisen’s systematic training method and guidelines for ingredients selection make this possible

2. Restaurant and take away

  • Maisen serves wide variety of restaurant menu but, Maisen earns 60% of sales from take away menu such as Pork cutlet sandwich, burger and hot sand.
  • It is good to combine the business of restaurant and kiosk

3. Chain management know how

  • Maisen has great knowledge of restaurant chain management and central kitchen operation, based on 50 years of history with 29 restaurants in 4 countries, operating 3 central kitchens and earning more than 100 million USD sales per year.

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